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I can’t sleep. It’s been a few days now. I feel so tired all the time but I have to do so many things. I have to be so many things.

I don’t wanna be like this. Help me. :(

I’d like to think that the worst is over.

Being quiet was the best option. Having the chance to enjoy my 15 minutes of peace of mind was what I needed. I focused on work, health, and fitness. It has been a fulfilling few months and I’d like to think I’m quite happy.

Moving on with my life went on as a drag at first. I had moments when I had to get out of my office and cry in the fire exit and call the people I trust my life with ( i dont like to use the term bestfriend anymore) and let it all out. But since then, its been a relief actually. I can finally live my life without that certain worry. Not sure if its what you call freedom but whatever it is, it feels great.

Now I’m just grateful that I am given a chance to make my dreams come true. So many doors of opportunities opened up that I can’t help but think that this must be the ‘good’ out of the ‘bad’ that happened.

I’m facing a lot on my plate right now. I’m doing everything at once and I’m just glad that there is finally the group of right people to back me up.

And of course, I thank the Lord for making me survive every single day. Of He gives the biggest challenge to the strongest people, then I must be stronger than I think I am. :)


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Everything I Need To Say

It’s been a long time since I last wrote. A lot has happened and describing it as a “rollercoaster of my emotions” would the understatement of the year.

For some reason, I feel relieved that what seems to be the worst has passed. The biggest challenge is and will always be keeping my family safe and healthy—-all of them. Everything else that happened became trivial to me. It felt like it didn’t matter as long as I have protected my family.


At one point in my life, I lived for fighting and arguing. It made me feel alive and strong and smart. I have become so good at it that I was almost sure I was going to become a lawyer. No one ever told me that you get tired of arguing. You get tired of fighting. You know you have your rights and your wrongs and would like to defend them but you’re just tired. Sometimes, shutting up and letting everything just die down is the easiest (or smartest) thing to do. 

Peace of mind and heart has become very important to me, maybe because of taking care of my kuyas and parents but also because after all I’ve been through, I realized that no material thing can ever replace the satisfaction I get when that feeling of peace and quiet settles in me. 

It’s a beautiful, beautiful feeling.


I went home for All Soul’s Day. I went back to my hometown in Nueva Ecija and cried after seeing how destroyed my hometown is. You can see the cry for help in literally every corner as everything was either torn, broken, or completely destroyed. I thought to myself “If I were rich, I would rebuild everything and make everything better for all of my fellow Novo Ecijanos.”

The best part of the trip was being able to visit my favorite Lolo and Lola’s grave and being able to visit my Ninongs and Ninangs. These Ninong and Ninangs aren’t the rich ones that I’ll ask money from. These are the ones chosen to be my Godparents because they were good people. Even if they can’t give you money for birthdays or Christmas, they would risk their lives for you if need be.

My heart swelled with love and pride when I saw how proud they were after hearing what I’ve done with my life so far. I’ve done so little but I can feel the genuine happiness they have for me. It’s more than enough reward for studying and working so hard.

I promised myself I will come back home one day and help them as much as I can.


I’m just really thankful that I’ve been given a chance to do what I love and make my dreams come true. What’s even better is that the “dream” I have is becoming clearer and more specific now…and then I realize that my dream is so basic.

I just want days when I would take my parents out to lunch without the hassle of worrying about my budget. I want to provide for my family without breaking my back and losing all my hair due to stress. I wanna have some time for myself without sacrificing precious work hours.

You realize simple things when God gives you the grandest ideas.

I remember a girl in highschool telling me “Masyado ka kasing ambisyosa.” And I couldn’t agree more. I have so much to do to reach my dreams but I am very thankful that doors have been opening so I can finally take that step and reach it.

With the help of God, I let go all of my worries, fears, heartaches, and bitterness to the Lord. I am here for a reason—-and that is to make the people around me happy. 


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